Unable to change a table's mode dynamically through code


I’m attempting to dynamically re-render a ‘readonly’ table in ‘edit’ mode using code. I’ve referenced the following support thread when writing my code: https://community.skuid.com/t/how-to-make-a-table-component-read-only-dynamically.

Here’s the code I’m using on my page:

var table = skuid.$(‘.myTableClass.nx-skootable:visible’).data(‘object’);
table.mode = ‘edit’;

The table is re-rendered, however it will not change to edit mode (or vice-versa if I set it up the other way).

Thanks for the help!


Try this:

var table = skuid.$('.myTableClass.nx-skootable:visible').data('object');<br>table.list.mode = 'edit';<br>table.list.render({doNotCache:true});

Worked like a charm, thank you!