ui-only reference field - url param condition getting name of param instead of value.

Here’s the field setup:

Here’s the condition:

The runtime url is:
(an actual salesforce id)

But the value in the model at runtime:

The condition is getting passed the name of the url parameter instead of its value.


Experiencing the same thing again. Am I the only one?


I’m pretty frustrated with this. Is there any way to address?


Matt, I’m so sorry you’ve had trouble getting an answer on this. We’ve identified it as a bug, and our product team is evaluating when it could be fixed. Thanks for pointing it out, and hopefully we can address it soon!

Thanks, Emily.

Any suggestion of a work-around?
I’m trying to pass values via url params to ui-only fields in a page include. Is there another way?

It looks like it’s only an issue for uiOnly fields on models that are processed server side. Does it work if you check “Process Model client-side” for the model in question?