UI Only Picklists in Brooklyn

I really like the new option in Brooklyn to populate a UI only Picklist from rows in a model. But I have discovered that the Picklist values (from a different model) are populated on page load and are not updated when the model changes or is required. Is this accurate?

I’m attempting to adjust the values in my UI only picklist when the additional model conditions are activated. I’ve tried to requery both the source model and the model that contains the UI only picklist. But either way the values stay as they were on page load. I’ve also tried to do the populate the picklist from a snippet and have the same problem…

Anyway to have Skuid re-populate the UI only picklist values when the model is requeried? 

Appreciate any help



We are aware of this limitation with the current functionality and are working to get this fixed as soon as possible, so that Picklist values will automatically update whenever data in the source Model changes.

Thanks for your patience!


Thanks Zach. 


Has this been addressed in a recent build?