UI-only picklist field with values from another model is not showing public site view

I’m using a public site/Guest User license to share a Skuid page with non-Salesforce users. I have a UI only picklist field that has values which are populated via another model. In preview mode, this works fine, but from the public site the values do not appear.

Any help/ideas will be much appreciated!

Did you give the guest user access to the object that the model that generates the drop down choices gets its data from?

Yes, and the same field is actually referenced in a table in another part of the page and is visible from the public site.

The UI field is in a model that is connected to a Platform Event as opposed to a standard or custom Salesforce object. I tested manually entering values into the field and found that was not visible on the public site either. Wondering if this is a setting related to the Platform Event + guest user access, but can’t find any resources on this.