ui only picklist field based on rows in another model doesn't update when the model updates

I have a multiselect field called ‘AccountsFilter’ on a ui-only model. The picklist values are based on the Rows in a Model, and point to the Accounts model.

I have a separate filter on the Accounts model. When I filter Accounts, I expect the ‘AccountsFilter’ field to update the picklist options based on the currently available rows in the Accounts model. But it does not.


looks like a workaround is to call .load() on the ui-only model after the Accounts model is filtered (queried).


What version of Skuid are you on? I’m on 10.0.3 and it seems like that is the behavior I’m seeing.

Ah, I’m still on 9.5.something

Amy, do you know if this is fixed in 9.5.10?

Sorry Matt, I looked but couldn’t pinpoint when this was fixed, so I’m not sure.