ui only picklist entries from model

It would be sweet if we could create ui-only picklist and multipicklist fields where the picklist entry options could be generated from rows in a model.

(apologies if this is already an idea… I didn’t find it in a brief search)

That would be sweet! 

A similar request: when you override field metadata and you choose picklist types, be able to generate entries from rows in a model. 


And the current picklist entries should auto-populate in the builder when you’re overriding metadata. That would make it much easier to add/remove a single option.

…and it is already an idea here: https://community.skuid.com/t/ui-only-picklist-field-improvements

Yes yes!

Matt and Jack,

You can now do this as of the Brooklyn GA release! Ui-only picklist and multipicklist fields can be populated manually, through rows in a model, or through a snippet. You also have those same options when overriding the metadata of a picklist or multipicklist.