Ui-Only 'Phrase Builder'

Let’s play ‘Is it possible?’

I had a math professor who used to always say, ‘Don’t use a helicopter to get across the street.’

I feel like the way that I am accomplishing my end result is a helicopter solution, and some of the brilliant minds on this community might help me learn to walk.

Here’s a screenshot of the page:

The fields in the 3 columns on the right side are all Ui-Only fields. The field that I would like to update is a long text area field called Notes in the leftmost column.

Is there a lightweight way to add a phrase to the Notes field when someone marks a Ui-Only field.

For instance, if you select everything under the 2000 Hz question, it would add “2000 Hz: Passed - Left, Passed - Right” to a new line in the Notes field while not erasing what was already in the Notes field.

Maybe a model action that updates notes__c when a target field is updated with " {{notes__c}} 2000HZ:Passed" . This may bring in the existing notes then append it with the Appropriate phrase and insert it back into the not field. You would need a separate action for each target field and it wouldn’t be able to be dependent upon a specific answer. If it works, it won’t be a perfect solution, but it is probably your only easy way out. Otherwise, it sounds like a custom snippet to me.

That’s probably right. If I’m trying to use the action framework, do you know of a way to get the ’
’ to work so I can have a line break?

Right now - I just put ‘&#xD’ where ever I want the line break.

It’s a poor solution for a ton of use cases, but it’s actually a great one for this specifically

Great… I use in templates for line breaks but not sure if it would work here.

Just the /br in brackets part… I can’t figure out how to post it here without it recognizing it as code