UI Only Model: Make rows not show up as italicized (unsaved) ?

When I create new rows in a UI only model, then show the rows in a table, those rows show up with all their field values italicized (display as if it’s a row with unsaved changes) but since this is a UI only model I don’t intend to save the changes, but this italicization looks very weird for display purposes.

Can I display the rows without the unsaved italicization happening? How do I go about doing this?


The usual way I’ll fix this is to save the model after the new rows are created. This removes that unsaved formatting

Thanks this seems to work!

I’m having an issue with this. I have a model that uses a Salesforce object, but it has some UI only fields on it. Those UI only fields still appear as italicized (appear as if they have unsaved changes) even if the model is saved. Is there some way I can get them to show normally / not italicized?

I can’t use 3 curly brackets because these are currency fields and it wouldn’t display the number properly.

Is there some way I can trick the model into thinking these UI fields are saved and force it to re-render the changes?

It’s strange that UI only fields that can’t be saved are even able to show up visually as having unsaved changes.

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I figured out a hack to make this work in template fields in the v1 editor.

I created inline CSS and made a div called “notUnsaved” and use that to override the styling on sub-div elements:

.notUnsaved > div > div{
    font-style: normal !important;
    color:black !important;

now my template field looks like this:

<div class="notUnsaved">{{MyField}}</div>