UI-Only LEN in equalion

What do I have wrong?

If (   LEN( {{Temp_10_Digits__c}}   )  ==  10
“The phone length is " & LEN({{Temp_10_Digits__c}}) & " digits, it needs to be 10 digits.” 


I am not exactly sure, but I think the ‘IF’ must be uppercase and I don’t think you can combine the LEN function along with text for the result if false.

I was able to do what you are after by creating a second formula field called ‘PhoneMessage’ that would display the message you want when the value is false.  Here are the formulas for my 2 fields:

PhoneCheck–> Formula field - Text output


PhoneMessage–> Formula field - Text output

“The phone length is " + LEN({{Phone}}) + " digits, it needs to be 10 digits.”



Thnak Bill