UI-only formula field isn't updating in real-time

I’m creating Skuid page to create a new record. I have a Lookup field that a user needs to enter a value for (Loan__c) + a UI-only formula field that is equal to the value of one of the text fields in the looked up record ({{Loan__r.DisplayName__c}}). The problem: When I enter a value for the lookup field, the UI-only field remains blank, instead of filling to the value of that field. I’ve double checked and the field is properly filled out on the record I’m looking up. I’ve also tried adding model actions to save the model changes, save the row, etc. and that’s not changing the result, either. Do you know how I can get this field to display the desired value?

Hello Aparna -

Based on your description, it sounds like you might be missing the Loan__r.DisplayName__c in the “Search Fields” of the field on the Field Editor/Table Field that you are using.  You’ll also want to make sure that the field is defined in the page model itself.

Here’s the things to check

1) In the Page  Model, make sure you have Loan__c and Loan__r.DisplayName__c fields selected
2) In the Field itself, go to the “Search” properties tab and in the section called “Search Fields”, make sure you have added the Loan__r.DisplayName__c field along with any other fields that you want retrieved when the user searches.

Here’s why you need both:

1) Specifying the field on the Page Model will ensure that any time Skuid loads the data (e.g. page load, model requery, etc.) it grabs that field

2) Search Field - When a lookup is performed, Skuid is issuing a SOQL statement to retrieve data.  By default, it will only retrieve the Id and Name fields for the target SObject.  By adding additional fields in to this section, you instruct Skuid to obtain those as well.  After the user “selects” the lookup value, Skuid copies all those fields in to the target model.  This is likely why you are seeing a blank value after searching - because Skuid is only retrieving the Id & Name for the lookup field.

Hope this helps!

This worked – thank you!