ui-only formula field does not add values from other ui-only formula fields

Here’s my formula for a ui-only field called ‘sum’ which should return a number:


All three of those fields are also ui-only formula fields which return a number.

The three fields work, the sum field does not… it just shows blank.

Wrapping VALUE() around each of the fields doesn’t help.

This looks like a bug,  or a feature.  We’ll decide and make it work… 

I just encountered an issue where I was trying to add a Ui only field (Field A) with a non-Ui field (Field B) into my Ui only fomula field (Field C). When I used the + expression, it was concatenating the numbers. All three fields are integers. VALUE was working, but not when one of the fields was blank. I noticed multiplication of field A and B together was working, so my workaround was to make Field C = (1 * Field B) + (1 * Field A)

We have been working on this aspect of formula fields and will be releasing that package early next week.   The nested formula fields issue is one of those things we have worked on. 

Rob is this still a bug? The only way I was able to add numbers from UI-only formula fields inside another formula field was by multiplying them by 1 before adding them.

Hey Skuid. Has this been resolved?