Ui Only formula field "AND"

I am trying create a ui only checkbox field that takes a date field and sees if it falls in between a start and end date field. I believe the formula should be wrapped with “AND” however that doesn’t seem to be supported.

IF({{InvoiceDate}}>={{StartDate}},{{InvoiceDate}}<={{EndDate}}, 1,0) 

You could try a nested IF: IF({{InvoiceDate}}>={{StartDate}}, IF({{InvoiceDate}}<={{EndDate}}, 1,0), 0)

You can also use “&&” for AND as well as “||” for OR

Try this:
IF({{InvoiceDate}}>={{StartDate}}&&{{InvoiceDate}}<={{EndDate}}, 1,0) 

Thank you both. I went with Will’s answer but will keep both in mind for the future.