UI-only field's value disappears after saving

I have a skuid page with 2 UI-Only fields. These 2 fields get populated by a snippet that runs on page load. The issue is that whenever a change is made to any other field and the page is saved, the values disappear and both fields become blank.
Is there a way to make the field values persist after hitting the save button?

Hi adibkhan707, if possible, you could share a page XML here, that would make it easier for others to help you. We recommend simplifying the page as much as possible: How to create a good test page

Adib - when you “page is saved” what do you mean? Since both fields are UI Only fields - im suspecting you are running some Javascript that moves the values to another process and saves them. I think this code is executing a row update function or row cancel function that is clearing out your records.

This is my suspicion.

Hey Rob. Thank you for your reply. There was indeed a snippet running in the background that updated the rows causing the field values to become blank. It’s working fine now that I’ve removed that snippet.
Thanks again for your help.

Glad you got it figured!

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