UI only Distance Calculation

I have a table on an account, that lists nearby accounts. How can I add distance to each row on the table?

Use the Theme feature: Table: Table Body: Padding (Cell Data). Select the different options (Top, Right, Bottom, Left, All) to input different spacing to your liking. You can use the Preview option to view a page as you find the right space that looks good.


Thanks for the reply. I wasn’t clear enough in my question. I’m attempting to return the distance in miles from a referenced account, to the account that is in the context row, using the salesforce DISTANCE function [DISTANCE(location1, location2, ‘mi’)]. Is there a way to do this in Skuid?

Brayden -

We don’t have the DISTANCE function within Skuid, but since it’s provided through Salesforce, it’d be best to create a new formula field on the SF object using the DISTANCE formula.  Then, you can condition your model to grab all records that are within a certain distance.

Good luck!