Ui fields and Time Zones after new release

Critical problem

I updated to the newest release, and my Ui fields are not adjusting correctly for timezone offsets.

When I reference a datetime value in a Ui field - it’s saying it’s in my time zone, but it’s actually reading the time in UTC.

Is there some setting that we have with the update that’s making Skuid mess this up?

Help - please :slight_smile:


What version were you on and what version did you update to?

Old version: 9.5.0
New version: 10.0.3


Thanks for the info! I’ve been able to reproduce this issue and have notified the devs. We’ll let you know when this is fixed in a future release.

Hi Griffin,

I believe this was fixed in the latest versions of Brooklyn Q2 (10.0.11) and Millau (11.0.0). If you are still seeing this behavior, please post a simple repro page (xml) so that we can try and reproduce in one of our test orgs.