UI_field pass URL Parm

I have a page include with the following Query String.


In the included page I would like to save the value of PASS_Roll in a UI-field.

I looked at possibly using a UI_Field  Display Type of “Text” and the “Page/URL parameter” value to PASS_Roll.  I thought “Seller” would be stored in the field.

It shows no value.


I had a similar problem a while back - ended up having to use a non UI field to store my text value.

Thanks Chandra,

I did set up a field to pass the data. The query string I am passing is “PASS_Roll”
How do I put the data in the field? I was trying this but do not know what to pass?

I believe it would be: {{$Param.PASS_Roll}}

Thanks Raymond.   But it is still blank

Instead of populating the field through an update, you may want to try putting a condition on the model to set the value to the page parameter. Otherwise, I’d go with Chandra’s suggestion and create a Salesforce field to collect the URL parameter instead of a Ui only field.