Udpate display of a field shown multiple times on a page when 'Save' action is performed?

Scenario: I have a Skuid page with the following components: ‘Page Title’ - with the Save button; ‘Page Set’ - with - ‘Field Editor’, where a field is modified and ‘Tab Set’ - with different Models; in one of the tab I have the same field as on the ‘Field Editor’.
How can I have the page refreshed when the field in ‘Field Editor’ is modified and Save action is performed, to update the record on the ‘Tab Set’?


Have you installed Skuid Summer 14? Or did you choose to opt out? If I understand your question correctly, the field should automatically update in both places if you’re using Summer 14. If you chose to opt out of the summer release, let me know, and we can probably come up with a workaround.

Hi Emily,

Yes, I did install Skuid Summer 14. The field update on both places, but what I want is that the update to reflect on the ‘Field Editor’ also, like a page refresh. Thanks

If the components where a field is shared are build on the same model,  a change to the field in one component will immediately display in the other component.  An easy way to test this is to have a page title with {{FirstName}} displayed,  and then have a field editor below it with that “first name” editable.  As soon as you edit the field,  the value in the Page title will change. 

However,  if you are using different models for whatever reason you will have have to add a Model action to the model where changes are made.  This action should be connected to the Initiating Event “Model Saved”  and its action should “Query Model”.  Here you will lose the real time update of field values,  but once a call to the server has been made, the field values in other components will update with the correct data without having to do a complete page refresh. 

I hope this helps.