Typeahead in Custom Component

Typeahead.js from Twitter looks nice and powerful. Unless Skuid addresses this already somewhere. This is a jQuery plugin. Listing it in Static Resources may be a bit too simple, given its direct relation to jQuery. Thoughts? Jacob

Current Setup: Resources in Page: - Static Resource: typeahead - Inline (not snippet or component): skuid.componentType.register(‘TypeBox’,function(element){ element.append(‘html from twitter typeahead example’); }); - Inline Snippet: copied from first example > typeahead.js – examples Still banging head against wall here.

Hi Jacob, what exactly are you trying to accomplish with this Typeahead component? What data are you wanting to search against? Data in a Salesforce object, in a Skuid model, or something totally different? What would you like to have happen when the user selects a value?

The Community re-skin looks great, was that Skuid or GetSatisfaction? Either Way, very nice.

Ok, I would be pulling data from a Skuid model. I think having typeahead in a queue search would work great.  This is all in line with escaping Salesforce’s native search which hurts my brain (only recent items autocomplete and non-tokenized search terms!!).

When the user selects an item, a page include refresh would work as well (as a Queue component normally functions).

Hope that is more clear.


Thanks for the compliment on the re-skin.  Its a new version of GetSatisfaction.  We like them a lot! 

If you are using data in a skuid model - we already provide type ahead capabilties in our filters and reference field renderers.  If you will put a reference field in a field editor,  it will default to using a type ahead search.  You have to enter the first 2 characters for the query to execute.  But then you get all the values in your referenced object that match the two characters. 

If you put a reference field filter in the queue control (maybe also removing the search control) you will get the type ahead feature.   The only problem is that the type ahead will force you to select only one record - which doesn’t let you search using a “is contained in” query. 

We’ve done some custom solutions where selecting the item from the type ahead drop down passed an ID to the page include and refreshed it so that detail information about that particular record is shown.  If you would be interested,  I could send you that code. 

Thanks for your active participation in the community.