two users editing page notification

This happened this past week where two people were working on the same page. There is no notification of such. So, we had a great trying to figure out why things were going haywire. 

Yup.  That’s going to cause problems.  Right now we don’t prevent it from happening.  Skuid is not a source control tool, but maybe it should be…

Wouldn’t be that hard to setup simple check in/out with timeouts.

Rob, should we name it SkuidHub or FishBucket?

A user field called “checkedoutby” on the page object. A timeout field that resets after every save. A check out button if checkedoutby is empty. Conditionally render the save button if the current user is also checkedoutby. Conditionally render a template field showing who has the page checked out if the current user is not checkedoutby.

Then some logic to set the timer. A workflow can be used to set off the timer on when to clear the user field. The workflow can be triggered any time the page is saved with the user field being populated. The time-dependent workflow actions is where the time can be set to update the user field to null. ie. after 2 hours without a save.

Then the only thing left would be to set a validation rule for the user that leaves the page open passed the timeout and then attempts to save it. if the current user is not equal to the user field on the page, then message saying so.

Am I missing anything?

Of course I can’t edit the page builder page myself but if I could this would work. I think. :smiley:

The only I don’t like is that the timeout could only be set in the workflow.

LIttle known fact.  You can clone the builder page, put it in another module, and edit to your hearts content.
Now 90% of the builder is a custom component.  So you can’t mess with much.  But you could add another model and drive a button or indicator at the top of the page…

Oh! Look at that. I can do everything I’d like. hmmmm …

I want this functionality and them some :slight_smile: I would like to see a warning that the record has been updated since this page has loaded. 

Ex. User 1 opens Case and researches, User 2 logs notes and changes fields etc…, User 1 finishes and adds values and Saves, The record should warn the user that someone else made changes.

Is this a functionality of SF already that maybe I don’t know of?

Now that this is added in Rockaway for the back end of Skuid, is there anyway to use the same functionality on our front end Skuid pages? I would like to warn users if someone else is editing the same record on Accounts or Contacts for example.

This was implemented as of the Rockaway release’s Page Collaboration feature. See the full release notes for more details.

Craig, we are considering that sort of functionality but this is not currently possible.