two save buttons cause wrongful redirect

Bug report: Settings on Save / Cancel button override settings on stand-alone Save button.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Add a pagetitle component
  2. Add a Save/Cancel button. In the advanced settings, add a redirect (I’m using /{{Id}})
  3. Add a Save button, without a redirect.
Expected result: Clicking the Save button that is part of the Save/Cancel couplet should save and redirect. Clicking the stand-alone Save button should save and leave the user on the same page.

Actual result: Clicking either Save button saves the record and redirects to the URL set in the Save/Cancel button.

Hi Matt -

I haven’t taken a look at your specific issue but it reminded me of the one at… which seems very similar and I believe is still occurring in 6.8.7.

Thanks for the report.  We’ll take a look at it.