Tweak Model Advanced Options - To Create New Record

I’d like to see new functionality when these options are set. Max # = 0 and Create Default = True.
So whenever this model is set to load on page load or it is queried, the following things should happen:

  1. Clear Model
  2. Create New Row
This would allow for a reduced complexity in setting actions. Just query the model and you’re set. Would not have to cancel and create new row.

The one major drawback to this is that merge properties could not be used to set default values. ie data.length of a model has been useful for me, but could not set this using conditions.

I just think that the “Create default row if Model has none” isn’t completely fleshed out. Sure, if setting Max to 1 and there isn’t a record, then create a default row. But there isn’t a clean way to always create a new record.