Turn off the Select Boxes on every row of table

It seems like I used to be able to make it so a Table Component would not have any checkboxes to select each row if I set the Table to “read only” and did not have any mass or row actions. This was nice so I could display information without giving the impression that there was something the end user could do with the rows. I tried removing the checkboxes today and they were still showing. I also looked at a table I thought I used to have set to not show checkboxes and the checkboxes are showing now. Very easily could be user error, but wondered if you could verify. Is there a way to not show any selection checkboxes on the table rows? Thank you!

Update, some older tables are still working great at not showing the table rows.  But any table that had checkboxes and then I try to remove them will not remove.  And any tables that are new.

I am doing three steps.
1. Setting table to Read Only
2. Removing all Row and Mass Actions
3. Unchecking the Export button

Hi Rich Slack,

You can use a Template with following HTML code

and check "Allowhtml checkbox" . Thanks, Raghavendra Reddy.D

The presence of a numeric column summary, or excel download will automatically add checkboxes to your table. If you don’t have summaries or excel download on a read only table there will be no checkboxes.

But, here are some workaround ideas that will all probably not be very satisfactory.

  1. Implement your column summaries in separate UI elements below the table (Maybe a template field). This probably means you need to add a separate model that does this sumarizing.

  2. Add the following CSS code to your resources tab:

    .nx-editor input[type=checkbox] { display: none; }

This will turn off checkboxes on the page (but will not remove the checkbox column from the table).

Ohh…it is the summaries that are tripping me up. Good to know. Thanks Rob! The column with no checkboxes will work for me. It at least doesn’t look like the rows can be manipulated. I appreciate your help.


I took Rob’s CSS one step further and figured out how to hide the column.  Find the id for your table and use this CSS.

Hide Checkbox Column in Table

    #sk-3nNp7v-102 td:nth-of-type(1) {
    display: none;

    #sk-3nNp7v-102 th:nth-of-type(1) {
    display: none;

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Sweet.  Thanks for sharing Bill! 

Bill, this works great.  Is this still the preferred way to do this or is there a better way now?


It looks like Skuid has modified when they show the check box.  It is hidden if your table is Read Only and has no Mass Actions and no Export button showing.  You have a declarative way to do this.  I checked this in Skuid 10 and 11.



Bill thanks for the update!  Your way works great.  I’ve since changed the way I’m displaying the records so I don’t need to hide the column at all but this is great to know.