Trying to share a record using CustomObject__Share. Conditions for Access level and Row Cause not w

I have a custom object and I am trying to use its corresponding share object to share the record. If I do it in a field editor and I manual enter values in the picklist fields for Access Level and Row Cause, it works as expected. If, however, I create a condition to force a value into Access Level and Row Cause, the conditions do not work to populate the fields. I tried leaving the fields out of the field editor thinking that might help, but I get an error upon save because Access Level and Row Cause are missing. Anyone have any experience with this?

For anyone that comes across this, I found the issue. The labels for the sharing access levels are different than the values you have to pass in as conditions. Condition values are Read, Edit, All. The labels that actually display in the field are Read Only, Read/Write, and Owner

Thanks for documenting the answer here.