Trying to populate a table with all record from a custom object on the account

I have a custom object that is a child of another custom object. I am trying to pull a table that would have all of the childs custom objects on the account not just for one parent object. For example we have a subscription custom object that has a child custom object that is called admin request. This is used to allow our sales team to request something that only an administrator can do. I would like to create a table that pulls all admin request for the account even if there are multiple subscriptions on the account. I know that I need to create a condition that does that but cant find the correct combination to work. I can either pull for one of the subscriptions or for every admin request in our system. I just want to pull all admin request for that clients account no matter how many subscriptions they have. 

I am new to Skuid Please help.

Welcome to Skuid.  We are happy to have you with us!  I may not understand your data model completely but it I think it looks like this. 

Admin Requests → Subscription → Account. 

If this is correct you can make a model on Admin Requests that has as a condition the grandparent Account value.  In the condition builder,  look for the link icon next to the Subscription reference field to traverse through to that object and select the AccountId field there.

Any way you find in our tutorials to show related list data (direct child) will also work for grandchild data. 

Let us know if you have further questions. 

And once again - Welcome to Skuid. 

Thanks Rob!!! With your hints I got it working!!! 

Glad to hear.  You are on your way!