Trying to make an Opportunity Tab from Skuid provided Opportunity Detail from the depository

This concerns the Opportunity_Details page available on the Skuid Depository.

I'm trying to build an Opportunity Tab based on the Opportunity Detail page because we need the shopping cart / switchable price books for one division in our company. The trouble is that I'm trying to get the Opp Detail page to not reference an existing opportunity ID yet retain the same functions provided in the "Line Items" tab. I've tried sorting through the XML code, making sure the conditions don't reference an external opportunity but to no avail.

My question is whether or not this is something simple I'm overlooking or if it would be easier to build the page from scratch with the same components.

Yes. Remove this condition on the Opportunity model.

I’ve made sure to delete all the Id = (param) id from all the models yet still references an opportunity. Even deleted many of the models not associated specifically with General & Line Item Tab.

Ok. Do you want to load any records on page load?

Well, the goal is to get the page to behave more like a create new opportunity page. Just put the XML in the sandbox and it appears that it’s currently loading any record, since the record extracted in production is different than the one in sandbox.

Set the properties like this on the model. New record is created each time the page is loaded.

That worked brilliantly; however, still ran into some issues on record creation.
Required fields are missing: [Opportunity]

Looking through the XML now to see whether or not I can find it, but ill keep troubleshooting.

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