Trying to create a task page. Having a problem creating hyperlink in subtitle for

I’m currently creating a skuid page for tasks. In the title I have {{Subject}} and in the subtitle I have {{What.Type}}: {{What.Name}}. It seems to be working well, however I would like the What.Name to link to the actual field it is related to. I have tried creating a hyperlink in Salesforce in the Custom Activities Fields, but I’m not sure why but it’s not letting me reference anything beyond WhatID. Is there a way to create a hyperlink in Skuid directly? I know that I can reference the id in skuid with {{}}.

Thanks in advance. 

If simply put {{WhatId}} in your subtitle, it will show the actual name field, and it will function as a link.

Make sure its 2 braces, not 3.
if the Name does not show (and a big number string does) go through the whatId relationship in the model fields and make sure that the Name field is selected in the model.


Awesome, thanks!!