Trying to build a model condition that only shows records the user has read/write access to

I have a pretty straight forward application built out where a user can create an “activity” on an account via a deck. This works pretty well, but I hit a snag in the road for certain users who only have “read-only” access in Salesforce to the account records. Has anyone every successfully created a model condition that only shows the records the user has read-write access to in Salesforce?

I should probably add that the relationship between the account table and the activity table is master/detail.

Look into the account share object: Salesforce Developers

Thanks Raymond, familiar with the table, just not sure how I could tie that into a model condition to filter out accounts.

I didn’t play with this, but you could create a model based on the account share object. Create your conditions so that only households/activities with the access level you want are queried. This may be the only model you need depending on the level of editing you need to do on the account object. Alternatively, you could create a second model on the account object and set a condition to only display rows that are in the accountshare model.