Troubleshooting: Users can’t navigate to a newly created Skuid page using a link on a community page

PROBLEM: After creating a new Skuid page and adding the URL link to an existing community page, users are unable to navigate to the newly created page

RESOLUTION: A page needed to be created in the community and the newly created SKuid page needed to be added to that via the Skuid Page component

Problem Details

  • A new informational page was created that needed no user interaction
  • A link to this page was added to an existing community page
  • During testing users were able to click on the link and navigate to the new page without any issue
  • Once the changes to the existing pages were deployed community users were unable to follow the link to the newly created page

Resolution Process

During a meeting with the client they were able to show that the links were indeed working. During the screen share they could indeed navigate from the link on the existing page to the new page without any issue. But further investigating the URLs in the browser made it clear what was happening:

  • The client had used the Skuid page preview as the URL link in the previously created page
  • While this functionality did work for internal users (who had all been logged into both the Community and the internal Salesforce org), external users would never be able to navigate to the new page because of the preview page being on the internal org
  • We created a new page on the community site and added a Skuid page Component that contained the newly created page then deployed that page to the community
  • We then updated the link on the previously working page to that of the newly deployed page


Once we had created the new community page and added the page via a Skuid page component and deployed the new page we could then update the link on the original page and community users were able to navigate to the new page.


While the Skuid page preview is a powerful feature, its main function is for testing. All user acceptance testing of Skuid pages and components should be done in a sandbox in the place they are actually going to be utilized.

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