Troubleshooting: Text color on Skuid V1 page is different in Salesforce community

PROBLEM: If the V1 Skuid page is used in a Salesforce Community, the text color on the page is different from what is set up in the Design Theme.

RESOLUTION: Check the colors that are set up in the Salesforce Community Theme Color settings, and also check additional overrides in its CSS.

Problem Details

You created a Skuid page, and the preview looks as expected.

However, if you use the same Skuid page in a Salesforce Community, some of the font colors look different. Instead of grey, the text on top is orange, and the department picklist value is red.

Resolution Process

First, I checked the colors in the Skuid Design Theme

  • , and refreshed the Skuid page preview to see the latest version of the page. It looked as expected: the font color was grey.
  • Next, I determined if the correct Skuid page was selected in the Salesforce Community Builder. I clicked the “Refresh Page” button to make sure that it showed the latest version of the Skuid page.

To ensure that the browser shows the latest changes in the Salesforce Community preview, I opened the Chrome console

  • , right-clicked the refresh button, and selected "Empty cache and hard reload.” I also cleared the site data under "Application" and reloaded the page as described above. Furthermore, to eliminate the possibility of stale cache, I previewed the Skuid page with a different Chrome profile, but the fonts remained orange and red.
  • To rule out a browser-specific issue, I previewed the Salesforce Community in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. All browsers showed the same result.
  • Finally, I discovered that the orange text color was set up in the Salesforce Community Theme colors, and the red color in its custom CSS. This overrode the colors on the Skuid page.


To fix the issue, adjust the colors in the Salesforce Community Theme color settings, and delete the custom CSS in the Salesforce Community Theme. The Community Settings also offer to Reset all customizations.

Note: This issue doesn’t occur if you use a Skuid V2 page.


In general, Skuid recommends builders continuously preview the page during the building process. If you use the Skuid page in another application — one that might come with extra design options — it’s even more important to preview the page regularly.

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