Troubleshooting: Object action override not working in Lightning

PROBLEM: When setting the View action override on an Object, we noticed the action override would not display in their Org.

RESOLUTION: Existing Lightning Apps may have Object Record pages already assigned. Any assigned Record page in a Lightning App will supersede any action override the user has set on the Object.

Problem Details

We created the Lightning component and overrode the View action on the Object by following the Skuid Salesforce Lightning Overview. However in the Home page when viewing a Contact record, the default Salesforce view page was displayed instead of the newly created Lightning component.

Resolution Process

  1. First, we tried as a System Administrator since the user profile we were working on had limited functionality. The behavior continued on the System Administrator profile displaying the Salesforce default view.
  2. Next, we tried re-creating the Lightning component to eliminate any syntax errors that may have been made creating the Aura component. After assigning the new Lightning component to the View action, this did not resolve the issue.
  3. From there, we tried viewing a Contact record page outside of the default Lightning App Home page. There we noticed our override was working outside of the Lightning app, just not within the Lightning App itself.
  4. Finally, we went into the App builder and from there we could see the Lightning App had its own assigned Contact Record page which was using a clone of a Salesforce default view page:
  5. By changing that Contact Record page to either the Skuid Lightning component or deployed Skuid page we were able to resolve the issue so the correct view page was now displayed in the affected Lightning apps.


By testing the action override in multiple pages, tabs, and apps it made it easier to narrow down that this was isolated to a couple of Lightning apps, and not Org wide as originally suspected. We were able to go app by app changing the default record pages to see the Skuid Lightning component we were expecting.


It is good to keep in mind that there is hierarchy when using Lightning Apps that can have different behavior than the Object defaults you have overridden. While working with Lightning Apps, it is best practice to verify which Skuid components are being used in the Lightning App Builder:

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