Troubleshooting: Incorrect field type on Skuid page

PROBLEM: A Form field displays as radio buttons when it should display as a picklist

RESOLUTION: The Skuid Form field option “Display as” was set to “Radio”.

Problem Details:

A Form component on a Skuid v2 page displayed a field (named “Division__c”) in edit mode as radio buttons, although the Salesforce field type was picklist, and the Skuid option to override the metadata was set to picklist as well. The screenshot below shows the expected result on the left (picklist), and the actual result on the right (radio buttons):

Resolution process:

  1. First, I checked the Skuid model.
    To do this, I clicked on the Form component to see which model was selected, then I went to the model tabs, and opened the list of model fields for the Form’s model. The option “Override field metadata” was enabled for the field “Division__c”, and “Display type: picklist” was selected.
    Note: If the Salesforce field type was picklist already, overriding the field metadata wouldn’t be necessary to display the field as a picklist, unless you wanted to change the picklist values (manually, or based on rows from a model).

  2. Next, I verified in the Salesforce Setup that the Salesforce field type was indeed a picklist. It was, so it should display as a picklist at runtime (with or without the field metadata override). By the way, you can access the Salesforce Setup directly from the Skuid menu if you click your name in the top right corner:

  3. Finally, I checked the field properties on the Form component and found that the option “Display as” was set to “Radio”. That explained why the field was displayed as radio buttons, because this option on the component level trumps the metadata override on the model level, which trumps the original Salesforce field type.

  4. By changing the option “Display as” to “Picklist”, the field was displayed as expected on the Skuid page:


Changing the “Display as” value to “Picklist” in the field’s properties on the Form component resolved this issue. If the issue persisted, then here is what I would have done next:

Check if this issue is reproducible:

  • if you add the same field again to the existing Form component. If yes, it could be a field- or component-specific issue.
  • if you add a new Form component to the existing Skuid page. If yes, it could be a page-specific issue.
  • if you add other existing picklist fields of the same model. If yes, check if this happens with picklist fields of other models/objects as well.
  • if you select a different Design System, and if not, check if there was any custom code added to the original Design System for the Form component, or field.
  • if you create a brand new Skuid page with the same field. If yes, it could be an issue with the field settings in Salesforce, or the Design System.


Skuid offers a lot of powerful options and features to build your page. Sometimes, there is more than one way to create the result you want to see, like how to display a field. This is why, if you get an unexpected result, there could be various places to look at while troubleshooting. Checking all of them will help you identify the switch that you want to flip. Below you’ll find a list of helpful documentation and video tutorials on the different ways that fields can be customized in Skuid:

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