Troubleshooting: Guest User Access After Winter '21

PROBLEM: Salesforce Guest User Access to Skuid pages after Winter ‘21

RESOLUTION: Create page sharing rules to enable guest user access to Skuid pages and Salesforce objects after Winter ‘21 security updates

Problem Details: Salesforce’s Winter ‘21 release has enacted changes to what data guest users can access on sites. Skuid pages that were previously available to Guest Users will now display “You’ve been INKED” errors:

Resolution Process: Enter sharing rules. Sharing rules will enable your guest users to access the pages and data they could before the Winter ‘21 update while also keeping your site secure. I needed to create a new sharing rule for the Skuid page object and any objects that have any data accessed on the Skuid page. In this case I had a Skuid page called Events whose models are connected to a custom Salesforce object called happening.

  1. Navigate to the Sharing Settings page.

Within the Salesforce setup sidebar, navigate to Administer > Security Controls > Sharing Settings.Lightning: Within Setup, navigate to Security -->Sharing Settings.he Page object from the Manage sharing settings for

  • dropdown
  • Under the Sharing Rules section create a new sharing rule
  • Create a sharing rule similar to the following

Label, Rule Name, and Description

  • Filled out as needed.

Rule Type

  • Guest user access, based on criteria


  • Enter one criteria rule as follows.


  • Page Name


  • equals

Value: The Skuid page you must share, in this example Events

  • .

Share with: Select the Site Guest User fo the public site you’re adjusting for. If you have only one site, like this example’s FabFridayInfo

  • , then select that. If you have multiple sites, be sure to select the correct one.

Access Level: Read Only, do not change

  • .

  • Save the sharing rule. Once the rule was done processing, I refreshed the site I could now see the Skuid page However there was no data being loaded.

I also needed to create a sharing rule for the objects on the page using the same steps as above, in this case the custom object called happening

  • .

On the happening object there is a picklist field named Type

  • which indicates whether an event is internal or public. I only wanted the public events to show on the public facing page so


  • Type


  • equals


  • Public

I saved this new sharing rule and refreshed the public site to see that guest user access has been restored:

Outcome: Creating sharing rules on both the page and the object enables guest users on public facing sites to view the Skuid pages and Salesforce data

Takeaways: I was worried the Winter ‘21 updated would require a massive lift to get public facing sites up and running again if the org had not opted out. But fixing the issue can be relatively quick as long as you have an understanding of your pages and the data they are accessing. Now I’m prepared for Spring ‘21 when theses changes will be enforced in all org’s

Salesforces release notes re: Guest User Access changes in Winter ‘21

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Official Skuid Documentation:

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