Troubleshooting: Duplicate Data Showing in Popup

PROBLEM: User Experiencing duplicate data in the popup/modal they created.

RESOLUTION: Popup needed an After Close Action that removes all previously created, unsaved rows.

Problem Details:

The user’s setup involved an action sequence that would create a new row on a model and then proceed to open a Popup showing a Table component with the newly created row.

However, the user reported that after closing the popup/modal and running the action sequence a second time, the popup/modal would show the old row’s data as well as the newly created row.

User: 'image.png'

Resolution Process:

  1. First, I closed the popup/modal by hitting their custom Cancel button and reopened the popup/modal using their popup/modal action sequence. This did not replicate the multiple row issue, and I was able to verify that there was no issue with the Cancel button’s action sequence.

  2. Next, I tried closing the popup/modal using the “X” button in the top right corner, and upon reopening the popup/modal via the action sequence, I was able to see the multiple rows issue.

I looked at the After Close Actions

  1. under the popup/modal properties and noticed that the user did not have any actions set to clear the previously created row upon closure of the popup/modal. The problem with this is that, when you hit the "X" button, the popup/modal still has that newly created row on the model until you refresh the page or cancel the changes some other way.

Finally, to change this, I put the Remove all rows from Model action right before the Create new row(s)

  1. action in the action sequence. This means that whenever they run the action sequence leading up to the popup/modal, the action sequence will make sure there are no previously unsaved rows before creating a new row on the model.


  1. An alternate solution would be to put an action under the "After Close Actions" popup property that cancels all changes when you press the “X” to close the popup/modal.

User: 'image.png'


The problem was resolved by making sure that the user’s action sequence had a way of not only creating new rows but also a way of removing old unused rows when exiting the popup/modal. The option we went with for this issue involved putting a “Remove all rows from Model” action right before the “Create new row(s)” action leading up to the popup/modal. However, this could also be resolved by adding an action under the “After Close Actions” popup property.


It is important when working with the popup/modal component to make sure that the multiple ways end users will close the popup/modal is taken into consideration when creating action sequences. This will be especially important when it comes to setups involving nested popups/modals as there is more room for error.

More information about the popup/modal component and best practices when using popups/modals can be found in our documentation:

It is good practice to double check your action sequences to make sure there aren’t any conflicts or actions missing. More information about actions and action sequences can be found in our documentation:

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