Troubleshooting: Data is Inconsistent From User to User

PROBLEM: Inconsistent data on pages

RESOLUTION: Some of the models being loaded were aggregate models and had a Max # of records set. Removing the limit resolves the issue.

Problem Details

  • Pages were displaying incorrect values, some were not showing any data at all

Resolution Process

  1. When first reported this was thought to be a Skuid upgrade issue or a change in the way conditions were resolved.

  2. After investigating and finding nothing wrong with the conditions I began looking into the models on the page, paying close attention to what was querying at load time.
  3. I noticed that the table with the incorrect data was in fact an aggregate model that had a Max # of records limit of 20.
  4. Removing the limit allowed the data to be summed and totaled correctly resulting in the expected data on the Skuid pages.


The user had initially cloned the model from a basic model. When cloning a model, the “Max # of records” will also be cloned by default. But upon changing the model type to an aggregate, the field will be cleared. The user assumed that the max number of records would need to stay the same on this cloned model and had re-enter the record limit after switching the type. Removing the limit resolved this issue. For more information, see our Aggregate Models documentation.


While basic models can be limited in order to speed up page load, aggregate models are designed to take all the data that you can throw at them. Limiting aggregate models can degrade their usefulness since you are no longer summarizing all data.

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