Trouble with table filters

I am applying a “Multi-Select Option” table filter, but nothing appears when I select one. Also, when I clear the table filter, only the first record appears. Prior to applying any filter, all 186 records were displaying on page load.

I added the conditions on the model, as described in the tutorials (referenced the two pages linked below) but can’t seem to find how I have done anything differently than the tutorials.

Does this issue sound familiar to anyone? Does anyone know where I may have gone wrong?…


Are you using mutli-select filter or a select option filter (Which only lets you choose one entry…)? 

Is the record ID in your model?  Does it come into the data?  (open the browser console and type  and you’ll see the full model definition – there look for the data node and you’ll see what is actually being sent to your browser) 

What sort order do you have implemented on the model? 

Hi Rob,

  • I am using the multi-select filter. 
  • No, the record Id was not in the model, but I tried adding and nothing changed. 
  • I am not very familiar with using the browser console. All I see is an error
  • The model’s sort order is based on Name
Thanks for taking a look,

Hey Sean!  a couple things

  • Don’t worry about that error, it shows up on every Salesforce page
  • Thanks for telling us you’re using chrome.  Click on the Console tab, and under that logo error message that’s where you type
  • What field are you filtering on? If it’s a custom field, what kind of field is it? is that field in your model?
  • When you click on the filter, does it say ‘automatic’ or ‘manual’ for Pick Options and Conditions? 

Hi Anna,

Thanks for the response and sorry for the delay.

  • I looks like all four of my models are pulling in when I use
  • I am filtering on a custom field in my model, and the field is also in the model’s conditions as (This condition, named Attribute__c can be modified by filters, but is off by default.)
  • I do not have the option of selecting ‘automatic’ or ‘manual’ since I am using a Multi-select Option filter.

In case anyone stumbles across this post, I figured out the issue.

For the model of the table, I had the condition [customObject].Id = [customObject].Id. Once I removed this, the sorting and filtering functions kept all records as it previously would on the page load.