Trigger Ready Skuid Page???

This idea is spawned from other posts I’ve had today along the same lines.

It would be slick if I could use Skuid just for it’s Models. Tell it which id to start with and presto, the desired set of IDs of what you’d like.

Skuid can do a series of queries with ease, where it’s difficult to do in any other tool. ie. trigger ready flows, apex, etc. There are numerous additional limitations that Skuid doesn’t have, but the point is that Skuid is exceptionally good at collecting data.

How about this, trigger-ready Skuid pages? Same idea as trigger ready flows. No interface. Just inputs and outputs.

Cmon! This would be great! Skuid without any visual components that could be called from Skuid pages or as a lightning component even. Feed the variables required and presto, data processed by the unique capabilities presented by Skuid models, action framework and javascript.

I agree!  Lot’s of use cases and the ease of use of Skuid.