Trigger a row action from a custom table view

Hello community…

I’m using a Table with a Custom View and I would like to execute a Row Action (in this situation, I created a Custom Row Action) from this custom view.

Any idea?



I assume you have been looking at this tutorial.

In it JD builds a custom table view that has row action buttons for edit and delete.  These buttons are created in the javascript, and the actions they spawn are also done in the javascript.  (look at line 34 and following of the RenderCard function).  This is how you are going to have to call your actions. 

Let me know if my assumption here is wrong. 

Hi Rob, thanks for the reply.

I created a row action button of type Multi-Actions. I would like to use this action on the Standard View and also on the Custom View…

Are you suggesting that I can’t use the Multi-Actions and I should create a Javascript Snippet that I would invoke from my custom view AND from the Standard View ?

You will have to write Javascript to create a button in the custom view - and bind it to a some set of actions.  You can most likely reproduce this in the standard view with a row action button and a sereis of action framework steps.  But since you have already coded it for the custom view,  I’d reccomend just reusing your code there too. 

Hi Mathieu,

May I ask what the custom Row Action was? Have you tried a drawer?