Trick: Quickly Adding Fields to your Model

Most Devs I know appreciate any shortcuts that allow them to keep hands on the keyboard. Its so much faster than jumping back and forth to the mouse. 

In Skuid a task that is often pretty repetitive and slow is building models.  Scrolling up and down the field list can be a royal pain…

Skuid to the rescue with a cool affordance!!!

1. Whenever the field list is exposed the cursor is focused on the search box.  Start typing directly. 

2. Search executes dynamically as you type.  Type NAM and the field list will narrow to the Account Name field.

3. Tab key will move your cursor focus down through the available fields.  Shift-Tab will move focus back up.  (Searching for ID results in lots of fields)

4. Space bar will select the focused entry and move focus automatically back to the search box.  

Rinse and repeat.