Trick: Full-text search across all of your Skuid Pages!

So, one of my favorite Skuid tricks of late gives you a way to find all Skuid Pages where you’ve used a certain Field, Component, Model, Object, etc. — and it’s super-easy! Up in the Global Search box at the top of your Salesforce header, enter the name of the Field, Object, Model, Component, or any other text you’ve used anywhere in ANY Skuid Page, i.e. enter

  • AccountId — for finding all Pages which include a reference to a field called AccountId
  • MyCustomField__c — for finding references to a field called MyCustomField__c
  • Opportunity — for finding all references to the Opportunity object
  • MyCustomObject__c — for finding all references to a custom object called MyCustomObject__c
  • OpportunityAggregateModel — for finding all references to a model of this name
or, for those of you familiar with the Skuid XML, you can get even more specific, and narrow down to specific XML phrases, e.g. field id=“AccountId”

Very handy.