Transposing a page with Skuid from a normal salesforce page and making use of a complex dependent pi

Hi there.  OK so I now have Skuid and had a little play but am totally new and lost.  I wanted to make a simple first skuid page which replicates or makes use of a custom object page I made in salesforce already.  The one complex thing about this page is that I have created a dependent picklist thats quite complicated and due ot this in salesforce lists loads of dropdown boxes which show each one even those not in use due to a particular selection.  I believe that Skuid can tidy up this dependent picklist so its much more User Interface friendly.  

How do I do all of this or a particular step-by-step for each of these needs?  Any heklp much appreciated, really want to utilize this tool to its full advantage and believe this first effort will help me understand how its function and operates much better

Hi, Scott. Each field can be conditionally rendered based on the value entered in other fields in the model. So your first picklist May have options of A,B,C, or D. Your second picklist can be set to render only if option A or B are chosen. If C or D are chosen, the second picklist will be hidden from sight.