Topic-Based Query

This might be best answered in a salesforce community, but I just prefer skuidified people. 

If we start adding topics to records, and I want to create a good way for our team to search records by a field value and any number of topics that have been assigned to that record, do you think this is possible with a skuidified list view?

In other words, could I create a list view showing Opportunities of a certain record type that has a list of topics that have been assigned to it that I could use as search terms? 

Thanks for preferring Skuidified people.  We prefer you too…

As you know,  topics on standard objects are new in Spring 14 and there are aspects that Skuid does not yet support.  We are working on it. 

So far we have been able to build a page that shows the records that are connected to a particular topic.  To do this we had to first build a model on the topic assignment object that filtered down to the single topic (via a URL parameter).  And then build separate models for each object we wanted to show - using “field from another model” conditions to filter the object records down to those that were in the topics assignment model for that particular topic. 

We cannot yet add the topics assignment object as a child relationship to the opportunity model.   That would be the perfect thing for your use case.  We are digging on it.  I think the only solution avaialbe at this point would be to add a list of topics to an opportunity detail page (reversing what we did above). 

In any case - the downside of adding the child relationship data to your opportunity list table is that Search would only access the child data if you were using Client side search.  And in that case it would only access data downloaded into your model, so if you were limiting the model to 50 records - you’d only be searching those records.  (Rock – meet your friend  Hard Place…)

Keep tabs on this item,  hopefully as we keep upgrading Skuid with the goodies in the Salesforce Spring release we’ll make all this more seamless. 


Note for posterity.  With the Spring14 release, the ability to add the Topics header to the Chatter component was added to Skuid.  You can turn it on optionally.