Too Many Redirects When Trying To Access Skuid Pages

When trying to access skuid pages I get a ‘too many redirects’ error (except for one specific page). This is only occurring in our sandbox, and started today without any configuration changes that I can thing of that might have caused it (we had our content deliverability limit increased bt Salesforce but I don’t think that’s related).

One skuid page is rendering fine. The rest are erroring out and look like the screenshot below.
I tried:
Clearing cache/cookies/content settings, going in incognito, using two fresh browsers (firefox and edge) to no avail.

Here’s a screenshot of the issue. Has anyone else seen this problem before?

So this is happening consistently? Does it only happen when you’re logged-out and try to access a Skuid page? Or does it still happen if, for example, you logged in to the main Salesforce home page, and then went to the Skuid page? 

It happened to all three users that were using the sandbox, we were all logged in (in fact we had trouble logging in since our landing page was a skuid page and we were getting a “too many redirects” error without ever being able to log in. The best answer here helped us get around that issue). It was happening on every skuid page but one skuid page, a dashboard (but for some reason users without skuid licenses could access that skuid page anyway, I’ve talked with some people in skuid about that on a separate occasion). 

After a few hours, it stopped affecting one of the three users. Today it stopped affecting all of us. 
Do you know what happened?

This is happening in my sandbox as well. It happened immediately after a sandbox refresh. We would log in and try to access a record that had a VF redirect page- it would prompt a login notice again. You would enter it 2 or 3 times to get into the page, regardless of if the deployment immediately opened in the skuid page or if it was a SDSF override.

50% chance you’d get in, or just get caught in a redirect loop. Any other movement would prompt it again. I thought it was a VF error- but entering any skuid app pages, any page editor, also results in above. 

It’s been 2 days without any change. I can’t try and reestablish my skuid download, because signing in to the sandbox to download the package just leads to a redirect error.

Yeah, there was no solution for me actually in terms of being able to view skuid pages. It just stopped affecting us after 3-4 days.
I was however able to log in using the method mentioned in my comment and remove overrides that were using skuid as well as remove skuid pages from the home page just so I could use Salesforce.

Andy, does this only happen the first time that a user logs in, immediately after Sandbox refresh? Or does it happen every time you try to login to the Sandbox? We do see these “Too Many Redirects” errors sporadically for various customers, but it seems like in every case, it will only happen once a day for a particular customer, usually after a sandbox refresh, and then doesn’t happen again. Seems like some sort of post-Sandbox-refresh problem on the Salesforce end. Is that consistent with your experience?