too many future calls: 51

I am using the following guide to setup a Clone page for one of our custom objects.

This page will clone our Projects custom object and 3 objects related to Projects. I have followed the instructions and successfully created the page. It works fine unless I have more than 50 records related to the project that need to be cloned. If there are more than 50 I get the following error: “too many future calls: 51”.

Before I give up hope I wanted to see if there are any workarounds on this limit.

Thank you!

Hi Adam, this looks to be a system limit coming from Salesforce, which you may have suspected. You may need to think about another approach if you anticipate that users will often run into this limit. Perhaps you could use Salesforce’s Process Builder or an Apex trigger to perform a prescribed action on any number of records earmarked via a Skuid action sequence or model update.