Too many Email Invocations

I am using a mass action to trigger process builder to send an email. Is there a method to do this for more that 10 records using skuid mass action? 

16:06:30.345 (6826671460)|EXCEPTION_THROWN|[180]|System.LimitException: Too many Email Invocations: 11

Hi Bill

  • How exactly are you triggering your process builder?
  • Are you sending email alerts or executing an apex?
I know this error from apex and there it happens, if you send more than 10 emails in a loop. The solution there was, that you have to send the emails out all together and not one after the other.

I use a PB to call a flow that send out one email.  I use the mass action to trigger the PB.  So, if there are 150 items in the list, the PB is called 150 separate times.

Are you sure it would be called 150 seperate times? When you trigger it via row action, does it throw the same error?

If I did row action, would i need to go to each line and select that line’s icon for all 150 lines?

You can select 11, because it occurs after more than 10. Just curious, if it throws the same error.