Toggle Table Filter Issue when condition has multiple values

I have a Model such conditions are activate/deactivate in Table by Toggle Filter

Something happens with this Toggle Filter that is not working for kind of conditions
where data is (or not) including multiple values.

FIELD : myField
OPERATOR : “is in the set of values” / “is not in the set of values”
STATE : “This condition, named myCondition , can be modified by filters, but is on/off by Default

Problem is, when Toggle filter is active, it performs the action… Let’s say Activate Condition 1.
But when trying to undo the action, the filter is doesn’t Deactivate the condition.

Here is a test XML page you can try
There are two tables:

First one, for model AccountsEquals with the working Toggle Filter.
Second, for model AccountsIn with the Toggle issue.


I hope this might be a well-know issue…

I tested the XML snippet in a new page, but de-activated the first filter.  In version 11.0.0, it seems to work.  What version do you have?

Sorry, I forgot to mention Skuid version is Millau (11.1.1)

Wondering if you tested Toggle filter at the second table

any comment I will appreciate

I upgraded my org to 11.1.4 and can now see the same issue you’re having.  It seemed to be working in 11.0.1, so this may be a bug.