Toggle Table filter getting disabled when setting other filters(ie.. multi-select, select option)

there are certain filters that makes “my Opportunity” filter to turn off. as you can see here:
i toggled on “My Opportunity”, but when i tried filtering using “Stage”, “My Opportunity” get turn off automatically

this seems to be persistent no just filtering by “Stage”(Multi-Select), also by:
Team Type(Select Option),
Lead Source(Multi-Select)

Hi Lorenz, would you be able to share a screenshot of the model + conditions involved here? Also, possibly look at the model actions on this model. I wouldn’t expect the behavior you’re describing to happen ‘out of the box,’ so to speak.

here’s the model and it’s conditions:

here are the model’s action

Thank you for sharing these.

It looks like you’ve got some grouping logic on your conditions that may be relevant, but I can’t quite see the whole list of groupings. Could you show that as well?  

And, can you show the settings for your My Opportunities filter? I haven’t yet been able to reproduce the behavior you’re describing, so there is probably another relevant piece of this setup that we’re overlooking.

Hi Mark, thank you for looking into this.

this is the conditioning logic
(1 AND 2 AND 3 AND 6 AND 5 AND 7 AND 8 AND (4 OR 9))

also these are the Filter options of “My Opportunities”

It looks like your model actions, or perhaps an aspect of your Stage, Team Type, or Lead Source filters are explicitly causing the My Opportunities filter to be toggled off. In a simple test page, changing one filter doesn’t deactivate others. Can you help me understand what the model actions are doing? And perhaps, take a look at the Stage filter to see if it’s deactivating either of the two conditions underneath the My Opportunities filter. 

Also, are there any filters that don’t cause My Opportunities to be deactivated? If so, I’d recommend comparing those to the ones that do cause the undesired change, to see what’s different.