Toggle filter when two fields (string) are equal

I am trying to create a toggle filter that when two string fields are equal it shows those records. As the filter stands now I get no records but I know there are records. Can you please help me figure out what it is I am doing wrong.
Thank you!

I think the only way to do this would be to create a formula field on your object that did the “field to field evaluation”  This would probably be a boolean field.  Then your condition is pretty simple.  “Show me records where formula field = True” 

Did you try to solve this in another way?  We are curious…

Hi Rob,

Your suggestion worked! I was thinking that I would be able to create a condition stating field A equals field B. Then create a toggle filter on the list view to turn it on and off. Some how I was able to get it to pull up one record but not the thousand of records that were affected. Thanks for all your help!