Toggle Between Skuid Page and Standard SF page

I have created a skuid page for my account detail form…is it possible to create a button on this account details skuid page form…that allows for a user to switch between my Skuid Account Details page and a Standard SF Accounts Details form…?  purpose…is to show user how skuid drastically improves the ui

Yes, this is possible.  Salesforce uses a special url parameter to prevent its page override functionality from working.  The special parameter is “nooverride” and the value it is expecting is “1”.  For example, I could create a page title button of type “redirect” and give it “/{{Id}}?nooverride=1” as the URL redirect property.  This is assuming that the page title has a row and model in context.

is vice-versa of this possible…?
means can we switch from standard to skuid by clicking a button…?

You could create a custom button on you standard layout that went to the skuid page url and passed in the record id as a Url parater.  Somthing like this: