Tiny issue - queue toggle filter buttons are only clickable on text

This is a tiny issue but I thought I’d raise it! When you create a toggle filter button in a queue the only clickable area is where the text is - the rest of the button is unresponsive.

Thanks Louis,  we had identified this issue a few months ago.  Its on our list of items to fix. 

In the short term you can rework your filter as a “select option” filter with two manual sources.  The first source would have name “Only my Leads”  and would activate the condition.  The second source would have name “All leads” and would disactivate the condition.   This makes all the filters work the same. 

It might be a silly workaround, but it may help the user experience. 

That worked great thanks Rob, I think the option filter offers a better visual cue anyway - good idea!