timesaver: auto set first user input everywhere possible.

There are countless locations where this applies. The more that is done here, the better the UX becomes. While stating from any assumptions in determining what to auto-set, the addition and settings can become much more automated.

Search Boxes

  1. Search box when selecting fields for component.
  2. Search box when selecting models in action framework “Save Models”, “Query Models”, “Cancel Models”, 

Input Fields
  1. Message input when “Show message and block UI”.
  2. URL input when “Redirect to URL”.

Drop Downs
  1. Auto drop down drop “Model” down list in “Activate & Set value of Model Condition”, “Activate Model Condition”, “Deactivate Model Condition”, “Query Model”, “Deactivate Filterable Conditions”, “Save Models”, “Query Models”, “Cancel Models”, “Update a field on row(s)”, …
Stopping here as you get the idea. :wink:


You champion! 5 Ideas back to back to back to back to back. You’re on fire!

We cannot thank you enough!

I prefer the unedited version better. :wink:

I do too. But I got nervous about copyright things and clearing it with marketing…